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Food for Learning
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food for learning


Food for Learning provides food to over 10,000 local children each school year, in the form of a balanced breakfast, healthy snack or nutritious lunch. Schools within the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board; the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board; Conseil des Ecoles Publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario; and the Quinte Mohawk School are offering student nutrition programs daily.

Food for Learning is a source of administrative, financial
and organizational support for schools offering student nutrition programs. Food for Learning, the education sector and the community at large are working together to meet our goal of providing food to all children who are in need of a supplement to their daily nutritional intake, whether it is one day of the school year or every day.

CLICK HERE to read the Spring 2017 issue of

Food for Learning's newsletter, An Apple a Day.


thank you

Thank you to all schools, The Greek Banquet Hall, individuals and businesses who generously supported our 10th Annual Student Benefit Auction! Thank you to the Students and staff from St. Theresa Catholic Secondary School & Quinte Secondary School for your delicious catering!
Thank you to Maynooth Public School for providing financial support for this event! And many thanks to our event sponsors…

thank you




You could help impact the daily lives of children and youth by ensuring that they have the nourishment they need to learn and succeed. Schools throughout Hastings and Prince Edward counties NEED volunteers to help them with their breakfast programs! Volunteers are need to deliver groceries, prepare and serve food to children, assist with program logistics and so much more!

For more information please contact

Vicky Struthers, Community Development Coordinator vstruthers@hpedsb.on.ca



Whether you have time just one morning a week or several, you can help make a difference!


food for learning programs across hastings and prince edward counties, photos of students eating

Food for Learning had a very busy year feeding OVER 1 MILLION meals and snacks to local students! This would not have been possible without dedication of volunteers, donors and supporters.

On behalf of the Food for Learning Steering Committee and The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation, THANK YOU!!!



Food for Learning's 2015 Feed the Meter Campaign raised a grand total of $29,163.20!

A big thank you to all of those who supported the 7th Feed the Meter Campaign. Feed the Meter would not have been possible without the support of the many campaign sponsors and the support of the Mayors, Councils and DBIAs of Belleville, Quinte West and Prince Edward County.


Food for Learning programs throughout Hastings and Prince Edward Counties will use these additional funds to purchase food! All funds raised in a specific community will be shared among the schools in that community. Thank you for your generous support! A special thank  you to all of our sponsors, the community and each municipality.



Food for Learning primarily provides funding for student nutrition programs (breakfast, lunch, snack), however, we recognize that there are many other food related activities that occur during the school year, each benefiting students by providing nutrition. 

Food for Learning will now accept applications for funding to support projects/events hosted by local schools. 

The focus of this funding is to explore innovative projects/events/activities that promote the mission of Food for Learning and will provide nutrition to students in an effort to enhance learning. 

Please click here for the Special Project funding request form.


Say YES to Good Food in Schools

say yes

(Click YES! above to see more photos)

Will you Say YES to Good Food in Schools?

Geoff Cudmore, Chair of The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation has said YES and you could too! Throughout the South East region of Ontario, people are speaking out and showing their support for good food in Student Nutrition Programs. 

We want you to Say YES to Good Food in Schools by taking a photo with a Say YES speech bubble.

For more information on how you can support Say YES to Good Food in Schools, please contact 613-966-1170 ext. 2378.



Geoff Cudmore, Chair of The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation

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(click image of future Food for Learning Coordinator for Food for Learning resources)


Kellie Brace

Phone: (613) 966-1170, x2232

Toll Free: 1 800 267-4350
Fax: (613) 968-1038

Vicky Struthers

(Community Development Coordinator)

Phone: (613) 966-1170, x2378
Email: vstruthers@hpedsb.on.ca

Cherie Hardie

(Food & Logistics Coordinator)

Phone: (613) 966-1170, x2377
Email: chardie@hpedsb.on.ca

Lucille Kyle

Email:  lkyle@hpedsb.on.ca

Mailing Address:

Food for Learning
c/o The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation
156 Ann Street
Belleville, Ontario K8N 3L3



Schools within Hastings and Prince Edward counties who wish to offer Food for Learning programs are required to complete registration through Web Tracker.

ATTENTION PRINCIPALS: Your funding allotment will be calculated, and communicated to you, following the completion of your registration through Web Tracker.

Please click HERE to login and register

photo of student having breakfast




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