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Business Services
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The Business Services team is focused on maximizing and aligning resources to provide excellent learning and working environments to help all students and employees reach their full potential.

ImageThe team is comprised of the following departments: Accounting Services, Business Services, Facility Services, Payroll and Benefits Services, Purchasing Services. Tri-Board Student Transportation Services Inc., is our partner organization responsible for student transportation.

Nick Pfeiffer

Superintendent of Business Services

Arlene Moroz

Manager of Payroll and Benefits Services

Bob Roy

Manager of Finance

Tri-Board Student Transportation Services, Inc.

Gord Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

How Decisions to Cancel School Buses Are Made (pdf, 45 KB)


Broader Public Sector Reference Documents


Ministry of Education 2016-2017 Education Funding Technical Paper


Audited Financial Statements

arrow 2015 2016 (pdf)

arrow 2014 2015 (pdf)

arrow 2013 2014 (pdf)

arrow 2012 2013 (pdf)

arrow 2011 2012 (pdf)

Approved budgets

arrow 2016 2017 (pdf)

arrow 2015 2016 (pdf)

arrow 2014 2015 (pdf)

arrow 2013 2014 (pdf)

arrow 2012 2013 (pdf)

Student accident insurance

arrow Student Accident Insurance 

Children's Fitness Tax Credit

arrow Children's Fitness Tax Credit Receipt Form (pdf)

Contact Us

Phone:+1 613 966-1170 x2282
Fax:+ 613-966-9883

Email: business.services@hpedsb.on.ca



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