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Curriculum Services - Elementary
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 Intermediate Student Leadership Program
About the Program
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The Intermediate Student Leadership Program is for Grade 7 and 8 students at Queen Elizabeth Public School in Belleville.  With a focus on teamwork, collaboration and inquiry the program offers student driven learning that will engage students with the Ontario Curriculum.  Connecting curriculum with leadership opportunities in our school, community and globally will allow students to learn the value of their voice and ability to create change with their actions.   

Through active citizenship, students will identify issues impacting children and take action to create positive change at the school, community and global levels e.g., organized spirit days and Christmas Sharing, raised money for families in Kenya.

Students will use a variety of media sources (e.g., assemblies, social networks and technology) as a means to communicate, influence change and share their learning.

Students create an extensive leadership portfolio that helps them identify key qualities of a leader, develop individual learning goals, monitor their learning and reflect on their next steps. Students will also use their portfolios regularly to share their learning with a variety of audiences, celebrate their accomplishments and plan for their participation in leadership activities at high school and beyond.

Queen Elizabeth Public School Belleville

Intermediate Student Leadership Program

Intermediate Student Leadership Program flyer (pdf)

Key Benefits

This program helps students to:

Gain an understanding of how they can contribute to making positive change at their school, within their community and on a global plat-form

Develop essential leadership skills and work habits

Become active citizens

Engage in enriched activities through a  leadership scope

Identify, explore and refine person-al goals and make informed decisions about their future


2017 timelines

Parent Information Night
Thursday, Feburary 2, 2017 6:00 p.m.

Queen Elizabeth Public School Belleville Library, for Grade 7 and 8 parents/guardians and students.
• Presentation of the program, description of the
application process (doc), review of timelines, etc.

Mid February
Applications due

Thursday, February 23, 2017.

• Submit applications to Queen Elizabeth Public School, 135 MacDonald Avenue., Belleville, K8N 3Y4., Attention: Earle Wright, Principal

Interviews - March 20, 2017

Local News

Cooks in the Kitchen

"In total, the food ministries rely on up to 180 volunteers to maintain the programs. Hammond said the four Queen Elizabeth students were “jumping right in” and volunteering for the tasks.

Egerton Boyce, city councillor and parent-volunteer with the Student Leadership Program at the school, helped out at the church as well. The program is in its second year. It is for Grades 7 and 8 and students who are required to apply to participate.

“It’s a program that provides the kids the opportunity to get out in the community and assist with different programs,” said Boyce, noting the kids have also visited Gleaners.

All students in the program take turns visiting and helping at the various locations. They’ve also visited the water treatment plant to learn about city infrastructure.

“It’s an extremely important program because it makes the kids aware of what’s going on in the community, it makes them model volunteers in the community,” said Boyce. “These are our volunteers now and in the future.”

“This is a group of kids that are very eager to learn and participate and not sit back and watch, they want to participate".

FULL ARTICLE: Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Leadership Leadership

arrow Intermediate Student Leadership Program flyer (pdf)

arrow Application Process (doc)

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Email: ewright@hpedsb.on.ca


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