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Curriculum Services
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Scholarship and financial information

Costs of post-secondary programs

Cost of post-secondary programs such as apprenticeships, training courses, college or university vary depending on many factors. Students and parents/guardians should consult with secondary school guidance counsellors for information about post-secondary programs, scholarships, bursaries, loans and grants.

Students may apply for government loans and grants using the application from on the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) Web site:  http://osap.gov.on.ca/

Informative Web sites:

arrow www.canlearn.ca

arrow www.studentawards.com


Scholarships - Board wide and school specific

Board wide scholarships

Amelisaburgh Garden Club Award

To a deserving student residing in Ameliasburgh Township who is proceeding to post-secondary education in the field of horticulture or a related science with emphasis on interest in the propagation of plants and flowers.

Robert Argue Environmental Scholarship

The intention of the scholarship is to make possible the participation of one or more people in an environmental endeavour of either formal post-secondary education or field work. One of the primary aims of the scholarship is to encourage environmental activism and innovation. Both  academic and non-academic proposals will be judged with this in mind.

Any or all of the following criteria will be used to determine the successful candidate(s):

arrow Volunteerism - the demonstration of a high level of interest in and a commitment o the environment, as well as a history of active involvement.

arrow Grades - will be considered but selection will not specifically be marks-based.

arrow Letter(s) or recommendation.

arrow Perception based on written submission and interview (see application process).

arrow Must be available for an interview.

Dr. Joan Bronskill Memorial Award

To a female student, resident in Hastings County, Province of Ontario, who has obtained the highest standing in Grade 12 university level Biology in a given year, and is going on to further studies in the Life Sciences Field (where biology is a major component of the program). Only graduating students proceeding to post-secondary education in the fall are eligible.

Les Claus Memorial Award

Presented to a First Nations student from the Quinte area who will be proceeding to an arts program at a post-secondary school (such as a university or community college). Preference will be give to a student who has successfully completed grade 12 university credits.

The Honourable J.R. Cooke Scholarship

Presented annually to the secondary school Grade 12 university entrance graduate student who obtains the highest aggregate (The Stirling-Rawdon District includes the Township of Rawdon, the Village of Stirling and all lot on Concession Roads 7, 8 and 9 in the Township of Sidney)


Farley Faulkner Teaching Scholarship

Memo comes out from Curriculum Services

OFSSAA Track & Field Scholarship

Awarded to one male and one female track and field student-athlete who has completed in the sport of track and field at a Bay of Quinte member school (Quinte Christian School, Albert College, schools in the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, Limestone District School Board, Algonquin Lakershore Catholic School Board and the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board)

arrow Must be in his/her graduating year.

arrow Must attend a Canadian post-secondary school.

arrow Must be in good academic standing.

arrow Must have displayed characteristics of goods sportsmanship and commitment to the sport throughout their high school career.

Potential candidates are to apply, in writing, through their teacher/coach. The teacher/coach will then send this to the Bay of Quinte Track and Field Convenor(s) who will co-ordinate the selection process.

The candidate shall provide a write-up of their track and field accomplishments throughout their high school career and explain why they feel they deserve consideration of the award. Write-ups are to be typed.

Hugh O'Neil Bursary

Available annually to a graduating student in the Quinte Riding as it existed in 1995 (Trenton High School, Bayside S. S., Centennial S. S., Moira S. S., and Quinte S. S.) who, in the judgement of the Quinte Arts Council selection committed, has demonstrated academic achievement and an active involvement in the Arts; also intends to pursue post-secondary studies in he Arts at a recognized university, college or school of dance in Canada.

Alan Payton Award

A student who has remained in school (not withdrawn and returned at a later date) who, through intervention by school and/or attendance officials, has shown a consistently improving pattern of school attendance.

Eric Runacres Bursary

Awarded to secondary schools student in the graduating year who, in the opinion of the principal, has exhibited outstanding quality performance in academic and leadership aspects of school life (rotates amongst Hastings secondary schools).


School specific scholarships

Contact the school guidance office or check the school Web site for details on school specific scholarships.


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