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Co-op Program
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Program Information
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What is Co-operative Education?

  • An integration of a student’s academic study with practical work experience
  • An opportunity to obtain secondary school credits through supervised work
    placements with host employerscoop logo
  • An opportunity to apply and expand knowledge and skills learned in the classroom
  • Courses in various disciplines may be offered through the cooperative
    education program, which can benefit all students, whatever their
    postsecondary destination.

Who takes Co-op?

  • Usually grade 11 or 12 students who have successfully completed their grade 10 credits.

When does Co-op take place?

  • Each semester, co-op is offered as a two or four credit package.
  • The four credit students work all day at their work placement.
  • Students taking two-credit Co-op work in the morning or the afternoon.

Where does Co-op happen?

  • Students are placed in settings that provide challenging roles and responsibilities
    in the communities and surrounding area businesses that support each of the local
    high schools. 

Why take Co-op?  

Co-op gives students the opportunity to:

  • Experience future careers
  • Develop employability skills
  • Strengthen interpersonal skills
  • Increase an awareness of the importance of life long learning

How to apply?

  • Contact the Co-op Coordinator in your high school.
  • Request Co-op when registering for classes.
  • Fill out an application form in the Co-op office of your school.
  • Wait to be contacted for an interview

How Are Students Assessed?

  • A qualified teacher will assess and evaluate a student’s progress in achieving the expectations identified in the student’s Personalized Placement Learning Plan through regular workplace monitoring visits (a minimum of three per credit). 
  • Student achievement is also assessed through:
    • Written assignments, seminar presentations and reflective journals
    • Career portfolios
    • A culminating independent-study assignment that links the student’s cooperative education placement experience with the curriculum expectations of the related course
    • Performance appraisals written by the placement supervisor (a minimum of two).


    Working this Summer?

    Safety First!

    Summer is almost here and many students in Grade 7 – 12 will soon begin summer jobs. It is everyone's responsibility to help them be safe.

    The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labour have prepared information sheets to increase awareness of young people's legal rights and duties in the workplace.

    arrow Parent information sheet (pdf)

    arrow Student information sheet (pdf)

    arrow Your Rights @ Work (pdf)

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arrow Co-op & OYAP

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arrow Responsibilites of Co-op

Forms & Brochures


Build Your Business Pamphlet Build Your Business (pdf)

Build Your Business Pamphlet Tips for Employers (pdf)

Employer's Handbook Employer's Handbook (pdf)

Employer's Handbook Accidents in the Workplace


arrowOYAP Dual Credit Fact Sheet (pdf)

arrow Co-op Fact Sheet (pdf)

arrow Tips for Students (pdf)

arrow Tips for Parents (pdf)

arrow How Are Students Insured? (pdf)

arrow Injury Reporting (pdf)

arrow Weekly Log B-8a (wpd)

arrow Weekly Log B-8b (with lines) (pdf)

arrow Weekly Log B-8c (lined reflection) (pdf)

arrow Weekly Log B-8d (Workplace Learning)(pdf)

How are student insured? Weekly Log For Work B-9 (wpd)

How are student insured? Letter for signed OYAP form (pdf)


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arrow Teacher Forms & Resources Lock Small

arrow Teachers' Handbook Lock Small

>Dual Credit Fax Form Cover Page Checklist

>Referral Form for Admission to Dual Credit Programs

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